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п»їOne in five couples make love by appointment
One in five couples make love by appointment. It may seem huge, and yet it is the result of a study conducted in England on behalf of Vouchercloud. The site of good plans sought to know what the sexual life of the British looked like and especially if they were happy and blossomed sexually. Obviously, the couples satisfied with their sex life are not a great majority and represent only 53% of respondents. 32% said their sex lives were not good enough. As for the remaining 15%, they were "not sure".
Regarding the frequency of their sexual antics, the British do on average six times the love ... per month. For 17% of respondents, one in five couples, sexual activities are governed by a specific calendar with days allocated to sex.
Top 3 reasons for couples' sexual discontent People who were unhappy about their sex life were given the right to choose several answers to explain their sexual dissatisfaction.
The first cause invoked is boredom. 84% of people who are not sexually happy are not because they are bored in bed.
In second place, we find the lack of sex. 43% of unfortunate people in bed are because they do not make love enough often. Finally, for 27% of people dissatisfied with their sex life, all this is due to a bad pass . According to them, they are stuck in a routine from which they must extricate themselves to find conjugal and especially sexual happiness. The British often enjoy this reputation of great romantics. Perhaps it would be time for them to bring out the Hugh Grant dormant in them. Or the Harry Styles, it depends on generations.
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by Dounia Malki

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